National Girls Lacrosse League

NGLL Spring League

All of our M&D middle school teams and elementary level teams will compete in the NGLL Atlantic Region. The league is the premier club lacrosse league in the country.

The league will start in mid-March with an eight-game schedule that lasts through early May. Playoffs will determine winners for A level teams and B level teams foreach graduation year. The winners from the Mid Atlantic Region will then advance to the NGLL National Championships on Memorial Day Weekend to compete against winners from other regions.


All M&D middle school teams will be participating in either the championships or the festival. The championships are solely for those teams who win their NGLL regions. So only the Mid-Atlantic region champions will be allowed to go to that tournament at St Paul’s School in Baltimore. The championships will be live streamed by Inside Lacrosse. For the M&D teams who do not win their Mid-Atlantic region, we will participate in the NGLL Festival which will be a round-robin event with other non-regional winners from throughout the country. Participants for both the NGLL National Championships and the NGLL Festival will be able to enjoy the benefits of our partnership with Inside Lacrosse by getting discounted tickets to the NCAA championships at Johns Hopkins University that Memorial Day Weekend.

For all players participating in the NGLL there is an $18 membership fee that will be assessed when signing the waiver to play. That membership fee goes towards a year-long digital membership with Inside Lacrosse, discounted NCAA tickets, and administrative fees.